Kinds of platforms (we manage)

  • facebook

  • instagram

  • twitter

  • linkedin

  • youtube

  • snapchat

  • pinterest

  • google+

Social media content management

Managing all your social media accounts can be extremely time consuming. Each platform requires different goals, audiences, tones of voice, terminologies, ways of engagement, ad managements, post frequencies and graphics/media. Fortunately, we are experts in all social media platforms, so you can leave the work to us, and spend your time focusing on the other important aspects of your business.

How we can help manage your social media accounts:

  • Work with you to set relevant social media goals
  • Create a social media strategy in line with your brand, audience and goals
  • Administer and manage budgets
  • Define a content strategy, create content calendars, and scheduling for all your social media platforms
  • Define and segment your audiences per post
  • Set up and track conversions

Content creation

Another advantage of working with a full-service agency like ours, is our in-house graphic designers and copy-writers who can help develop specially branded content specific to each of your social media platforms.

We want to create content for the purpose of entertaining, educating and informing your audiences in order to inspire engagement and a buzz around your brand. We do this by creating unique social media copy, great visuals and we can even create short video ads for you too, all depending on what fits with your business.

To make more of an impact than just posting unique content, we can also manage your paid and sponsored content.

Your brand may already have a great social media presence, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could reach more potential leads or customers, and increase your brand’s engagement and reach? We can manage paid ads on social media platforms to achieve these goals.

We can work with you to define your goals, ideal target market, and make sure your posts and brand, are seen by the right people. Paid ads on social media also provide your company with repeated exposure to potential customers (not just the ones who already like your page), which increases brand awareness and trust, giving your social media posts more value.

Like many paid ads in digital marketing, how much you want to spend is completely in your control.

Conversion goals

Paid/sponsored social media ads are right for your business if you are using social media to:

  • Increase brand awareness/reputation – get the word out about your brand in front of as many people as possible, and especially in front of those audiences that will be most interested in your business
  • Increase site traffic – have social media drive more traffic to your website, and let your already developed site do the work for you
  • Generate new leads – have ads tailored especially for audiences specific to your business using the immeasurable amount of data social media keeps on each user, such as interests, web activities and demographics
  • Increase revenue – use social media posts to target users most likely to become customers, and thus increase your sales
  • Improve brand engagement – social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram) prioritise posts by engagement, due to the belief that engaging content is more valuable to users. Therefore, increasing your engagement will not only help your posts improve organically, but it will also build trust, word-of-mouth recommendations and customer loyalty
  • Improve customer service/satisfaction – there is a growing trend of customers using social media for ongoing customer support and service. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to improve your brand’s reputation, and differentiate yourself from your competitors by publicly showing how great your customer service is

Social Media Reporting

Optimise your social media efforts by utilising the huge amount of real-time data tracked and acquired when using social media. Most of the large social media platforms will provide you with analytics to give you insights into your audience, their interests, activities, browsing habits and demographics.

When we manage your accounts, not only are we constantly checking these metrics to ensure we are achieving your defined goals, but we also provide you with these reports. This will help us to better tailor your social media strategy, and these insight reports will help you to make smarter business decisions.

…sounds like a lot? We’re here to help.

Social Media is something that must be considered right from when you design and develop your website, and it is then an ongoing process after your website launch. That’s why it’s important to work with a full-service agency, like ours, that can provide everything from web development, to graphic design, to all things marketing.

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