Why email marketing?

To maintain interest from your leads, and to make them aware of sales or events, it is beneficial to keep them up to date with electronic newsletters via email.

We can create unique graphics and content to send to your database that is specifically targeted for your leads/customers and personalised so that they’re emails they are interested in reading. Even if your lead isn’t ready to be a customer yet, useful, relevant emails can help to build trust, eventually encouraging them to purchase from you.

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EDM design and development

To ensure you are providing your subscribers/leads with great content, you must make sure your EDM looks great and reads well. It should be consistent with your branding, and use graphics to make it stand out so it is a EDM your customers look forward to receiving.

EDM distribution, email automation and lead nurturing

We can also distribute your EDMs to your client/subscriber list on your behalf, as frequently as you would like. We have great CRMs to manage your lists and nurture your leads depending on where they are in the customer lifecycle.

Marketing automation can be used to tailor to the needs and lifecycle stage of each lead. It can for example, in a series of emails, remind a lead that there are still products in their cart, or follow up on a blog post they may have read with suggestions for other related posts. This is far more effective than just sending out the same mass email to an entire contact list, as the EDMs are more relevant and personalised for each contact. This will ensure your contacts don’t see your mail as spam, and builds trust with your mailing list.

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Smart content email marketing

Smart content marketing is taking your lead nurturing and email marketing to the next level. More than just personalising name titles, smart content has been proven to improve conversions. As it is so common for brands to send out a variety of promotional and informative emails, the key to standing out through all the clutter is to personalise.

We can use smart content in emails to include the contact’s name in the subject line to pique their interest.

Smart content can also be included in widget form. For example, an e-commerce site can use it to further personalise their EDMs by including some products relevant to types of products their lead may have recently been viewing. This can automatically be done for anyone in your contact list that you have gathered interest data for.

Another possible way to integrate smart content into email marketing is by using personalised call-to-actions. Depending on your lead’s buyer persona (perhaps their profession, stage in customer lifecycle, interests etc.), different call-to-actions will be relevant to each lead. For example, for new leads who may have only briefly browsed your site, you may want to use a call-to-action for them to download your ‘about you’ brochure. Or if they are a returning customer, you may want to include a call-to-action to sign up for a secret fan sale.

Personalisation is key to engaging your leads, providing them with relevant, quality EDMs and in turn, improving your revenue by increasing conversions. It is a win-win for both you and your customers.

…sounds like a lot? We’re here to help.

Email marketing is essential to closing customers and to maintain a strong, ongoing relationship with them. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.